Until the diploma is left quite a bit, but are you sure of complete failure? Do not panic! Now we will give you some very important tips and advice. in full compliance, you will be recognized and honored.

Tips for defending a thesis: speaking to Pyaterochka

Stock up on tea. That’s real – 6 months of writing will be enough for more than a head, and you already start to panic. No need to be nervous, because many students in general manage to write a diploma a week before passing. Besides, why worry when there is always a reliable safety net behind your back, which at any moment can shift your task onto your shoulders?

Presentation: the simpler the better. Content really plays a huge role – that’s a fact. None of the commission will read the diploma on defense in detail, and it is to save time that they need your presentation, which will show how fully you have learned the material. However, it is absolutely not worth bothering about the beautiful background, cute pictures or spraying a special smell during the presentation. Such “special effects” take away a lot of time and effort from the student himself, and the ay commissions will not cause the emotions you expect from them.

Make your own samples.

You need to work out the right pace of speech. It should not be fast, but the commission may misunderstand something and start asking additional questions, but not slow, otherwise the commission will quickly get bored, stop listening to you and then start asking you questions anyway. And we do not need questions at all.

Competent choice of the head – minus a hundred questions. The more competent and authoritative thesis manager you choose, the fewer questions will come to you during the defense of the diploma. The fact is that the authority of your supervisor acts not only on the students before the diploma defense, but also on his colleagues. The members of the commission will simply be sure that this person gave you a good idea of ​​any questions that may arise in their heads, so they will not lose precious time and simply let you go in peace.

Decent clothes (a clean white shirt, ironed business suit, washed and neatly styled hair) contribute to creating a favorable attitude of the commissioners to you even before the diploma defense begins. And even if suddenly you did not write your diploma yourself, always answer any questions with confidence. Let the answer be wrong, let you not know what is at stake in principle – pour water or die! Because silence is such a small death of a diploma defense …

Fresh air – take a walk.

On the eve of the diploma protection, be sure to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. No meetings with friends in a smoke-filled tavern! No alcohol and increased physical activity! Walking outdoors and healthy sleep are all your brain needs before a brilliant performance.

If you are too afraid, and preparing for the final test takes away a lot of physical and mental strength from you, simply turn to professionals. Believe me: that feeling when you defend a diploma will eclipse all others. And it does not matter how you get this job.