It happens that I spent my nerves, an invaluable time to create a presentation. And it is not something that does not work – it has the opposite effect on the audience! How is this possible?

5 common mistakes when creating a presentation

Blunders and typos

Do not be arrogant – even the world classics are not insured against it. Spelling errors or typographical errors can spoil the impression of the audience and nullify all the works.

Using someone else’s computer

For most people, for some reason, it seems that all computers should work in the same way. And who is to blame for the fact that the university laptop doesn’t have drivers or software installed to play your presentation or the video / audio files used in it? You will be guilty, so do not make this mistake in creating a presentation.

Because you always have to carry everything with you! And if you are too lazy to carry your laptop, then at least grab your own presentation on the flash drive (and also as text), as well as multimedia files.

Using multimedia files in general

Yes, they agree that the proper use of sound and video in the presentation can improve the effect. But after all, they can worsen. Say, when printing handouts, no one can see or hear music and videos, so is it worth it to use them in your work?

At the same time, experts call taki files typical errors when making presentations, because with weak software they will slow down the program greatly.

Use small print

We are well aware that you want to include in the 10-12 sheets all the necessary information, important figures, statistics, etc. However, the use of small print is not an option: so the audience does not know anything about your work, especially if they are sitting in the back desks. With large print they will have a chance to see at least something. So the fine print is perceived as an error in the preparation of the presentation.

Making a presentation on the last day

Students often refer to this type of work, like any other exam. But if you can more or less prepare for the exam for the night, then you will not be able to create a high-quality presentation for the same period. Anything can happen, but according to the law of meanness, this is exactly what will happen: the light will disappear, the Internet will be disconnected for non-payment, the computer will start to fail … You can read more about how to make a presentation in a review article. But it is also important to ensure that you do not bring a presentation to the defense with errors in the design (for example, a different font, centering on different edges, etc.). This is in the top 10 most popular mistakes in presentations.